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STERISON helps enterprises, technology providers, and start-ups build products in the domains of IoT, Healthcare, Consumer Devices & Electronics, Multimedia & Entertainment, Industrial IoT, Engineering R&D, Manufacturing, Automotive, Retail, Education, E-Commerce, Security, Banking, Oil & Gas, Travel & Transportation businesses.

We deliver consistently exceptional customer experiences, business efficiency, and actionable insights by leveraging an integrated set of leading technologies like Big Data Analytics, Mobility, Cloud Computing, Unified Communication, Sensorization, Hyperscaling, Business Intelligence, Perceptual Computing etc. We offer domain-centric solutions applying veteran skills, IPs and functional expertise in Product Engineering & Manufacturing, Software Solutions, Enterprise Mobility, Cloud & Big Data, Quality Assurance Services and Business Analytics.

As a full-service software and hardware development and technology staffing company, we have been helping businesses from small startups to Fortune 500 companies meet their business goals through technology innovation and adoption. As your information technology partner, we can help you:

  • Develop solutions per evolving market needs
  • Staffing of end to end project development
  • Bring innovative ideas to reality
  • Convert manual processes to sophisticated custom software applications
  • Maintain business critical software applications
  • Adopt and implement information technology driven solutions

Our real world experience, deep business understanding, and commitment are key elements that ensure the success of your technology initiatives. We are a software development and staffing company that strive to create innovative technology solutions that help our clients improve the performance of their business and maximize return on their IT investment.