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Sterison Distribution Management Technology Enables Distributors
Efficiently And Close Gaps In The Supply Chain


Distribution Management System


  • eDistributor combines sales force automation with  distribution management technology enabling CPGs and  third-party distributors to manage orders, warehouse  inventory, and shipment operations more efficiently and  close gaps in the supply chain.

  • A Distribution Management System (DMS) specifically  designed to support third-party distribution partners  who manufacturer, sell, and track retail execution at the  store level. The cloud-based software solution operates  on any PC or laptop with an Internet connection.

  • Streamlining the flow of information between  production, distribution, and retail customers using  eDistributor enables Distributors to identify and  alleviate costly gaps in the supply chain. eDistributor  supports real-time orders and stock counts, provides  built-in reporting and analytics, and facilitates shipment  and delivery logistics, including invoices, accounts  receivable and settlements.

  • The solution also provides third-party distributors with  the tools and visibility required to manage their  business operations more efficiently. eDistributor  automates sell-in and sell-out materials as well as  manages warehouse inventory, orders, picklists, and vendors.