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for Drivers

Improve Operational Efficiency for Van Sales
Drivers with Centralized Real Time Key
Information in a Unique Platform.


eDelivery for Drivers


  • eDelivery combines sales force automation with Direct Store Delivery (DSD) technology to equip drivers with the tools and insights needed to improve the efficiency of the delivery process.

  • eDelivery works on Android smartphones to support drivers at CPG and FMCG companies who manufacturer, sell, deliver, and track retail execution at the store level.

  • The consistent and uncluttered UI of eDelivery promotes ease of use, quick access to delivery plans and visibility of inventory at a glance. eDelivery offers a self-explanatory workflow, task checklists and quality user experience purposefully designed for the needs of customer- facing drivers. With eDelivery, drivers can manage deliveries and returns as well as collect payments and execute van sales on-the-spot.

  • During store visits, eDelivery does all the work for the driver. The solution automatically identifies available promotions per customer, provides offline pricing, and instantly alerts the driver if an order exceeds available credit. All invoices, receipts, return and deposit slips generated during the visit are stored within the solution for quick viewing and printing.

  • Sterison focuses its efforts towards  improving overall effectiveness and user experience for  front line teams. Ongoing releases,  upgrades and new  features/functionality are constant,  making the solution future-proof.

  • Highly scalable
  • Seamless integration to any existing ERP system
  • Support for multiple languages and currencies
  • Real-time data visualization, maps, and dashboards Works online and offline Customizable and configurable
  • Vehicle Check Odometer Entry Inventory Check-out and Check-in
  • Finance Check-out and Check-in
  • Helper Selection Planned and Unplanned Returns Van Sales
  • AR Collection
  • Survey
  • Offline Pricing
  • Online Pricing
  • Customer Profile
  • Credit Limit Check
  • Planned Delivery
  • Customer
  • Returns Day
  • Summary Dashboard
  • Record Expenses
  • Sync Data