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for Sales Reps

Make your Sales Rep to work better in the market and to spend more time on selling instead of writing reports and taking orders manually on paper.



  • Sales force automation with retail  execution allowing CPGs and FMCGs  to achieve maximum efficiency and  effectiveness from field sales reps. Designed to be used offline and online, with powerful Sterison framework.

  • eRoute is compatible with Android,  iOS, and Windows tablets or  smart phones for lightweight  portability and cost-effective  deployment. The consistent and  uncluttered UI of eRoute promotes  ease of use and visibility of tasks, sales  goals, and performance at a glance.

  • The self-explanatory workflow and  quality user experience is purposefully  designed for the needs of frontline,  customer-facing sales reps.

  • Sterison focuses its efforts towards  improving overall effectiveness and user experience for  front line teams. Ongoing releases,  upgrades and new  features/functionality are constant,  making the solution future-proof.

  • Highly scalable
  • Seamless integration to any existing ERP system
  • Support for multiple languages and currencies
  • Real-time data visualization, maps, and dashboards Works online and offline Customizable and configurable
  • Offline Pricing Credit Limit Check
  • Seamless background sync for master and transactional data Asset Orders Asset/Equipment Tracking, Ordering, and Maintenance
  • Accounts Receivable Collection Order Product Samples and Point of Sale Materials
  • Stock Count
  • KPI Tracking via Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Dashboards for Customer and Sales Rep
  • Photo/Image capture Photo Gallery
  • Photo Recognition Integration Customer Open Issues Tracking New Customer On boarding Workflow Approvals
  • Retail Execution Surveys with Visual Store Layout
  • Guided Selling
  • Filter Products by Category, Package, Model, SKU, and other Product Attributes
  • E-Library Containing Sales and Marketing Materials and Videos GPS Route Plan via Google Maps Social Media Integration