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eTeam for supervisors


  • eTeam provides supervisors with full  visibility into field rep activities at any given  time to manage and improve sales growth  against territory, team, and individual KPIs  more effectively.

  • Designed to support field rep supervisors at  CPG and FMCG companies, the mobile-  based eTeam is compatible with Android,  iOS, and Windows tablet devices for  convenient flexibility in and out of the office.

  • The consistent and uncluttered UI of eTeam promotes ease of use online and  offline and provides supervisors with full  visibility into field rep activities. With eTeam, supervisors can monitor sales and  orders in real-time, measure productivity,  KPIs, and coach sales reps to hit goals  consistently. Supervisors can keep a pulse on  in-market conditions to immediately  capitalize on opportunities and proactively  address issues before it’s too late.

  • Sterison focuses its efforts towards  improving overall effectiveness and user experience for  front line teams. Ongoing releases,  upgrades and new  features/functionality are constant,  making the solution future-proof.


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