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Accelerate retail transformation with our Intelligent Retail execution Solution for FMCG/CPG sector

Turn every store in to the perfect store through in-app visit management. merchandisers collect in-store data and managers control their workflow, review data and produce reports. Automate field data collection and in-store reporting with basis!

Sales Force Automation And Retail Execution Solutions For FMCG/CPG Industries

Business Growth

Experience an 30% increase in sales closures, 18% decrease in sales cycle time and a 14% drop in sales administration time. Which are substantial reasons for utilizing SFA in your easy to use CRM software for your business in the modern scenario if you look forward to staying in the top of your league.

Upsurge Sales Team Efficacy by 50%

with close supervision of the efficiency and performances of the sale staff, your executives can distribute work and leads evenly. And what’s best, they can motivate and improve performance of everyone in the team.

Order Booking improves by 40%

Order Management Platform of Sterison SFA, is about creating, keeping track of orders and managing all the processes required to fulfil them. It is a digital way to manage the life cycle of an order. It tracks all the information, including order entry, inventory management and fulfillment.


How Sterison Sales Force Automation Benefits FMCG/CPG Retail Execution?

Our SFA plays a crucial role in motivating your sales team, keeping them informed in terms of the entire supply chain data, and enables them to make smarter decisions.

Operational Benefits

Enhanced tracking of field sales visits

Reduced cost and response time between field staff and back office

Timely information exchange with field staff

Increased productivity and efficiency

Competitive advantage in cost, revenue, and time

Optimum utilization of resources

Accurate sales forecast with powerful analytics

Less human errors and quick response time

Managerial Benefits

Enhanced productivity with increased order booking by 30+%

Increase in sales revenue and market share

Speedy and precise updates to management from the field force

Upsurge customer touch time and satisfaction

Significant reduction in sales administrative time

Effective management of inventory and resources

Better engagement and collaboration with sales force

Real-time performance, deals, and workflow management

Powerful analytics to get a 360-degree view of your business

Reduced work hours through automated sales activities

IT Benefits

Suitable to small, medium, and large enterprises

Work with low bandwidth

A hassle-free way to manage data and transactions

Easily integrated with third-party apps and platforms

Flexible, customizable, and secure SFA Solution

Good user experience with smooth navigation

Modularized design

Dynamic framework

Offline capability

Platform agnostic for Android, IOS and windows platform

Easy to integrate with generic API

The best intelligent field force automation Software & Solutions for your business

The retail industry is constantly flooded with customers wanting to make use of their products and services. Thus, an efficient system needs to be put in place that provides retailers with a clear visibility into all sales operations in order to meet the demands of their clients, attract more customers, and increase their number of sales. 

Sterison’s SFA solution enables retail companies to control their business from a single platform and allows them to monitor sales orders, sales visits, and the frequency of products being sold to improve overall performance and generate an increase in sales.

Sterison’s sales force automation solution, is an extremely effective tool for the retail industry and serves as a platform for its users to receive clear visibility into all sales operations. The best part is that it requires no technical knowledge and feels effortless to use.

Equip your sales team with Sterison’s SFA for instant access to critical product information and updates within the local retail market, so that they can better communicate with customers and close deals much more efficiently.

Sterison is the market leader in retail execution solution, an all-in-one solution that allows you to take complete control of your organization through unrivaled automation technologies and an intuitive, customizable interface.


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Wonder How SFA Solutions Work in Reality?

Watch Sterisons’s SFA demo and see how it helps businesses gain higher visibility into the operations, increase facilities’ productivity, and increase business benefits in real-time.
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360° view of managing sales and business operation

Helping our customers to modernize your business and achieve digitization and operational excellence goals through our intelligent sales force automation platform.

e-Route for Sales Reps

Full visibility of tasks, sales goals, and transactional data, Orders Tracking, Accounts Receivables

Key features

  1. Route plan
  2. Map view
  3. Sales rep dashboard
  4. Daily forecasting
  5. Weather information
  6. Customer dashboard
  7. Sales ordering
  8. Pricing and promotion
  9. Asset management
  10. Learning material management
  11. GPS Tracking
  12. Voice Assistance
  13. Customer onboarding
  14. Stock count
  15. Dynamic Store survey
  16. Returns management
  17. Invoice management
  18. Bluetooth printing
  19. Gamification
  20. Payment collection
  21. Alerts/ Notification
  22. Attendance Management
  23. Chatter

e-Team for Supervisors

Full visibility into sales reps activities with monitor sales orders in real-time, measures KPI’s

Key features

  1. Supervisor Dashboard
  2. Team Sales rep dashboard
  3. Team daily activity
  4. Team KPI metrics
  5. Team map
  6. Workflow management
  7. Gamification management
  8. Chatter
  9. Coaching activity
  10. Learning materials
  11. Activity on behalf of the sales rep
  12. Team Monthly/Weekly performance
  13. Map view
  14. Team performance view
  15. Alert/ Notifications
  16. Weather information
  17. Messages/ Events

e-Delivery for Drivers

Provides quick access to delivery plans and visibility of inventory

Key features

  1. Vehicle Check
  2. Odometer Record
  3. Route plan
  4. Shipment
  5. Checkout/ Check-in
  6. Van sales
  7. Delivery management
  8. Dashboard
  9. Returns collection
  10. Invoice management
  11. Payment collection
  12. Bluetooth printing
  13. GPS Tracking
  14. Amount receivable
  15. Alert/ Notifications
  16. Weather information
  17. Messages/ Events
  18. Task/ Notes


Provides a high level overview of their sales targets and KPI’s

Key Features

  1. Route plan
  2. Map view
  3. Sales rep dashboard
  4. Daily forecasting
  5. Weather information
  6. Customer dashboard
  7. Promotion material management
  8. GPS Tracking
  9. GPS Camera
  10. Voice Assistance
  11. Dynamic Store survey
  12. Gamification
  13. Alerts/ Notification
  14. Attendance Management
  15. Chatter


Provides with various contents about selling products in the marketplace

Sterison mobile solution for Promoters

Improved customer in-store experience

Improved collaboration between the manufacturer and the retailer

Increased in-store vendors’ productivity

Additional revenue from replies to promotions

Distributor Management System

Supports real-time orders and stock counts, invoices, accounts settlements


eDistributor combines sales force automation with distribution management technology enabling CPGs and third-party distributors to manage orders, warehouse inventory, and shipment operations more efficiently and close gaps in the supply chain.

A Distribution Management System (DMS) specifically designed to support third-party distribution partners who manufacturer, sell, and track retail execution at the store level.

The cloud-based software solution operates on any PC or laptop with an Internet connection.

Streamlining the flow of information between production, distribution, and retail customers using eDistributor enables Distributors to identify and alleviate costly gaps in the supply chain.

eDistributor supports real-time orders and stock counts, provides built-in reporting and analytics, and facilitates shipment and delivery logistics, including invoices, accounts receivable and settlements.

The solution also provides third-party distributors with the tools and visibility required to manage their business operations more efficiently.

eDistributor automates sell-in and sell-out materials as well as manages warehouse inventory, orders, picklists, and vendors.


Why STERISON Sales force Automation (SFA) ?


Sterison quality in a service or product is not what we put into it. It is what our customers gets out of it.

Cost Effective

The key to SaaS’ cost-effectiveness is its nature; it enables companies to subscribe to software applications. With SaaS, unlike traditional software, there are no software licenses to buy.

Fast Deployment

To turn the dream of various delivery approaches that bring together different layers of technology—DevOps, Continuous Delivery (CD) , and Continuous Integration (CI)—developing at different speeds to deliver business outcomes.

Adoptable for SMEs and Enterprise customers

Sterison SFA is a portfolio of affordable, easy to deploy, maintain, and use software tools that advance all aspects of the business operations. Tenant model for SMEs and dedicated deployment for enterprise customers.

Compatible for all tablets and smart phones

Responsive design (GUI) and adjusts smoothly to various screen sizes, fully modularized with offline capability. Platform agnostic, compatible for IOS, Android and Windows platforms.

We Always Try To Understand Users Expectation

Of course, these questions need to be tailored to your industry and product universe.

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