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Sales force automation solution

Sales force automation solution helps any retail sales organizations to effectively manage their daily sales activities from time of dispatch of their products till it reaches to the consumers. The management of any retail sales team can get information about dispatches, supply, delivery and order of their different products instantly and all activities of their sales team performing in different territorial store outlets.

Sales team can easily evaluate their daily performances and can match with the targets they need to accomplish.Therefore, if there is any gap between performance and target can be bridged easily. The application shows the order made by different retailers and distributors.

Sterison Sales force automation designed to work both online and offline and compatible to all tablets, I-pad and smart phones, which can be easily carried to different places by the field sales team.


e-Route for Sales Reps​

Full visibility of tasks, sales goals, and transactional data, Orders Tracking, Accounts Receivables etc.

e-Team for Supervisors

Full visibility into sales reps activities with monitor sales orders in real-time, measures KPI’s.


Provides with various contents about selling products in the marketplace

Pricing & Promotions

Discounts, Promotions on products with perceptibility

AI Image Recognition

Carry out effective store inventory by taking pictures of store shelves with tablets or mobiles


Enable self survey of store outlet execution status

e-Delivery for Drivers

Provides quick access to delivery plans and visibility of inventory


Provides a high level overview of their sales targets and KPI’s

Distributor Management System

Supports real-time orders and stock counts, invoices, accounts settlements.

Big Data for Sales forecasting

Collecting maximum data regarding customer demand of products

AI Voice Assistance

Enables user command and actions with Input language support from different native speakers

Why STERISON Sales force Automation (SFA) ?

Quality Assurance

Cost Effective

Fast Deployment

Adoptable for SME’s, Separate entity for Enterprises with no multiple Integrations

Compatible with all tablets, smart phones. Designed to work offline

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