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AI Image Recognition

Turn Shelf Pictures Into Insights, And Insights Into Action

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    Ideal Shelf

    By collecting real-time data at every stage of manufacturing, IoT components reveal process redundancies and inefficiencies to be eliminated.

    Ideal Product Assortment

    Smart factory technology can streamline equipment maintenance to minimize downtime and maximize productivity.

    Ideal Displays

    Displays real-time operational data in a customizable interface, allowing for increased awareness and efficient control over processes locally and remotely.

    Ideal Share of Shelf

    The IoT components of a smart factory can collect data on product defects. Combined with simultaneously collected data on other parts of production, this data can reveal the source of quality issues.

    Ideal Number of Facings

    Securely collects data from your equipment, processes and people. you can connect all existing devices from PLCs to business management systems or cloud applications.

    Smart Factory IoT Solutions

    Fully Automated, Highly Scalable SFA For FMCG / CGP / Pharma Companies Operate At Scale, With Speed