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  •  Own one or more modules of the project under development
  • Mentor junior team members with the assistance of PM/Architect.
  •  Flexible in working under changing and different work settings.
  • Maintain high team morale.
  • Adhere to company and project standards and guidelines.
  • Accurate time accounting and reporting of own work.
  • Promptly escalate issues, which affect product delivery and quality that are beyond scope of influence and report same to reporting manager.
  • Pay high attention to detail in all work.
  • Quality, on time delivery of agreed deliverables.
Required Knowledge and Skills
  • Consistently demonstrated ability to exceed the requirements of Senior Software Engineer.
  • 4+ Years of relevant industry experience.
  • Microsoft/Sun Certification (Microsoft Certified Professional Developer or Oracle Certified Master Java SE6 Developer)
  • Good knowledge of the company product development lifecycle and the process tools.
  • Proficient in at least two-core development tools used within the company.
  • Sound knowledge of estimation technique
  • Good knowledge of design patterns
  • Sound industry trends awareness.
  • Good knowledge of C#.net, web services (C#.net, VB.net, VB 6.0, C++, Java, JavaScript, HTML, XML, OOA and OOD Concepts)
  • Sound Proficiency with Microsoft .NET/ Java technologies
  • Sound Knowledge of unit testing methodologies and frameworks
  • Sound communication skills.
  • Sound time management skills.
  • Good ability to anticipate issues and formulate remedial actions.
  • Sound interpersonal and team working skills.
  • Sound ability to take on multiple assignments.
  • Good command of written and spoken English.
  • Good problem solving skills.
  • Easily adoptable to company culture.
Project Responsibilities
  • Conduct system wide requirement analysis. 
  • Conduct module level work effort estimations and integrate for the whole system
  • Will work under the guidance of the PM/Architect/BA
  • Thoroughly understand the Requirements and Design. 
  • Develop detailed design. 
  • Design and implement automated unit testing framework as required
  • Use best practices and coding standards. 
  • Conduct thorough unit testing using the automated unit test framework 
  • Conduct peer-reviews and lead reviews and provide feedback 
  • Provide accurate and detailed weekly task reports. 
  • Clarify all unknown areas, which are communicated by the SL-ATC team, from the customer. 
  • Develop, maintain, troubleshoot, enhance and document components develop by self and others as per the requirements and detailed design 
  • Conduct thorough unit testing and integration testing for the whole system
  • Conduct configuration and tem management of own work.
  • Assist Project Lead/PM/BA in project coordination.
  • Conduct project risk identification and mitigation action planning with the project manager
Skill Set
  • Web Services & others: JSON, XML, XHTML and RESTful services
  • Languages:C#, Java core and JavaSE (basics)
Application development skill set required:
  • Frontend Framework : Angular JS,React JS Ext JS, AJAX, Javascript, MYSQL and MVC architecture
  • Frontend Design: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, Dot Net, SQL
  • Backend : NodeJS, Android/ Java
Native mobile application development:
  • Android native/ Xamarin
  • IOS
ExperienceAtleast (4-6) years experience in the industry.

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