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Sales Force Automation and Retail Execution Solutions for FMCG/CPG Industries

Effectively manage and evaluate daily sales activities related to dispatches, supply, delivery, and orders.

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    Route Management

    AI-driven dynamic route optimisation based on your day-to-day business needs .

    Order Management

    Simple and easy to use Order Module with geo tagging feature

    Activity Management

    Plan marketing and merchandising activities and track them through the activity logs

    Geo Fencing and Deviation Tracking

    Deviation from the planned and actual activities by real time tracking of sales team can be detected and measured

    Streamline Sales Call Process

    Prescribe ideal sales call process to increase bill values per visit

    Outlet Classification and Profiling

    Classify outlets on the basis of type, business potential and profiling the outlets through survey questionnaire

    Targeted Scheme and Price Management

    Tailor made schemes and prices based on classifications

    KRA and KPI Setting

    The incentivised goal setting can be defined on daily, weekly and/or monthly basis to meet organizational targets

    Sterison Salesforce Automation (SFA)

    Fully Automated, Highly Scalable SFA For FMCG / CGP / Pharma Companies Operate At Scale, With Speed