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Job Responsibilities
  • Interact with Client, Managers and Management regarding application features and functionality
  • Create a requirements document, functional specifications, test plan and test cases.
  • Work collaboratively with Business SMEs to identify, verify and document functional and technical requirements using requirements management methodology
  • Break the requirements and collect in-depth requirements
  • Translate the functional requirements from the customer into the design.
  • Refine and validate requirements/documentation on a timely basis
  • Practice and help enforce best practices for software development within the team.
  • Prepare test scenarios and undertake the functional validation of a solution before delivery to the customer
  • Understand business problems and opportunities in the context of the requirements and use critical thinking to recommend solutions that enable the organization to achieve its goals.
  • Work with Developers, Architects Development Managers, Business Stakeholders to plan timelines and ensure timely delivery of a high-quality overall solution that meets business requirements.
Job Requirements
  • Overall 2+ years in software applications development or Strong knowledge of SDLC and business processes
  • Should have worked as a functional consultant in one of the top ERP solutions preferably in the FMCG domains.
  • Experience with customer interaction, requirements gathering and software development lifecycle is a must.
  • Familiarity with the business processes of at least one of the verticals like Automotive, Refinery, Manufacturing or Banking is a plus.
  • Proven experience of managing and delivering medium to large sized ERP/CRM/Banking projects
  • Proven experience in a variety of business analysis tools and techniques. Hands-on approach essential.
  • Possibly the ability to travel both domestically and internationally
  • Be highly motivated, have the ability to think outside of the box and should not be afraid to challenge where necessary
  • Be able to work with people at all levels within the organization and with people from different cultures
  • Experience with wireframing and flowcharting is an added advantage
  • Experience with UI/UX thinking is an added advantage Profile Summary
ExperienceAtleast (2-4) years experience in the industry.

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