5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Sales Force Automation

In today’s hyper-competitive business world, staying ahead with sales is not that easy without sales force automation. The idea of SFA or Sales Force Automation is a lifesaver that let any business to simplify the process of the sales force and helps to work smarter. The technology offers businesses a wide range of services which were done manually day back then.


SFA automates workflows without any unnecessary human intervention and helps to save time spending on all sales activities manually. Companies who have implemented SFA technology already are experiencing massive progress in their sales, making a big turnover, earning valuable customer trust, and winning against their competitors. If you’re still wondering what’s all about sales force automation and why your business should focus on SFA? – Well, here are we Sterison- a Salesforce Automation service provider in UAE sharing 5 major reasons on why your business should adopt the sales force automation solution to increase the sales rate and higher productivity of your company.


SFA or (Sales Force Automation)

SFA or Sales Force Management systems are informative systems designed to automate common tasks that have been previously done manually within the sales processes. SFA systems are mostly integrated as part of CRM (customer relationship management) and save the necessity of human intervention to complete the wide range of tasks associated with selling such as lead tracking, order management, sales lead process tracking, sales forecasting, product knowledge base and many more. As per IDC’s recent survey, it is very evident that SFA platforms help to increase the percentage of closed deals by 30% and Make the sales cycle 18% shorter as well as reduce the sales waiting time by 14%.


If you aren’t convinced yet, here are the top 5 reasons to look at SFA and why your business needs it.


  1. Sales force automation (SFA) helps in saving plenty of time

The best part of deploying SFA is it will automate all the elements of the sales process right from scheduling sales appointments to following-up the leads by sending emails and tracking contacts which will save a plethora of minutes on doing all of it manually. Besides saving time, it also ensures to store and deliver all the necessary data at your fingertips which can be accessed immediately.

  1. It helps in Sales Forecasting

Salesforce automation platforms help the rep to stay up to date in sales trends and grab all the sales opportunities which come in his way. Thus the sales team can predict and forecast future sales accurately more likely than before and have a clear insight into the revenue sources.

  1. It helps more likely in Up-selling and Cross-selling

SFA platforms can be the biggest source for accumulating the marketing history of your company. It helps to store and save all sales insights to help your sales team to discover right from the most beneficial trades to most frequent buyers which might help in acquiring future sales opportunities.


  1. It is useful in Sales Team Management

SFA helps in managing your sales team performance by tracking and calculating sales-call sheets of a sales rep in all the aspects and saves time in tenfold.


  1. It helps in effective Customer Management

SFA automates and helps monitoring complete history view of customer including past orders, issues, notes, requests, account receivable etc.
The complete management of Assets/ POSM materials, including request, tracking, repair, move, remove, etc.

Easy way of order taking with must to have products, focus SKU products, suggested order quantity, sample orders, stock count, Trade return etc.


To sum up

To be very honest, Sales Force Automation software provides comprehensive tracking of a sales team and generates reports by observing every sales person’s productivity. With this, you can have a clear knowledge of your sales performance and take your organization to the next level of success. For a better solution, make sure to choose a SFA service provider who understands your unique requirements while implementing a sales automation solution at your organization. This is the right time to take steps to start automating your sales process. If Interested? – You can talk to us.


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