5 Sales Automation Solutions that Reduce Manual Data Entry

Manual data entry is the bane of an end user’s existence — or at least their existence with the CRM.

CRM strategies fail all the time for a number of reasons — usually several at once. Slow user adoption, insufficient technical expertise, a lack of managerial buy-in and guidance — the list goes on. Manual data entry — which creates an irritation both persistent and minor — contributes to this. It increases end user frustration, adds steps to a learning curve, and sets a higher requirement for data management (the absence of which could also undermine the CRM implementation in other ways).

The last thing you want is your salespeople turning away from the CRM because they feel they work better without it. However, if your CRM system is so far gone that you’re willing to stomach disruption to find a new system, take heart — there’s a silver lining. You have an opportunity to find one that fulfills your requirements and placates end users, and you have some good options.

Check below for a list of five solutions for sales automation force that reduces manual data entry. Less manual data entry means more time for productive work, increased user adoption, and overall improved data health.

The system is simple to set up, the UI is quick and intuitive, essential functions are easily accessed and prominently displayed, the visual layout is attractive and easy to read. Functionally, Nutshell delivers as well. Users can build lead auto-assignment rules based on highly specific criteria, automate reminders and process-specific onboarding, customize dashboards and reports, track progress and quotas, and stay on top of your sales force sales team’s performance. All this in a nutshell. Through it all, Nutshell provides free phone, live chat, and email support at a transparent price and integrates with a surprisingly diverse span of popular outside solutions.

How It Reduces Manual Data Entry: Nutshell syncs with popular calendar apps and webmail clients. It offers a business card scanner in its mobile app, data import options ranging from spreadsheets to other CRMs, email templates, click-to-call, automatic logging, and other features aimed at reducing repetitive tasks.