As Fast As You Can With Field Force Automation For FMCG

Field Force Management Software transforms the workflows across departments and entities in various enterprises to deliver productivity, efficiency and synchronization. SFA is responsible for assured and quick RoIs with its shortened sales cycles and improved customer engagement.

Moving at a pace to match up the changes in technology, SFA turns in to Mobile sfa system, offering contemporary, comprehensive and extensive solutions with the much required flexibility and affordability. With quicker communications around the clock, sales force management system puts critical information on the fingertips of those concerned, assuring a visibility down the sales pipeline like never before. It emerges as a comprehensive solution catering to various requirements of enterprises blended in into an exhaustive workflow.

Sales Force Automation To Empower FMCG

Sales force automation finds its applications in varied and diverse industries and domains. With modernization touching every possible field one can think of, specialized FMCG sales force automation software are making their mark for the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry, lending a helping hand for improvised performances.

A specialized SFA for the Fast Moving Consumer Goods sector is but a natural progression of this niche system. FMCG faces its own unique set of challenges which are successfully catered to by a robust sales force automation software.

The FMCG Challenges
  • FMCGs are spread over large geographies
  • They are widely spread out as regards networks & infrastructure
  • Putting a well-managed supply chain in place is a huge issue to combat
  • Sales is carried out through a large network of retailers, which could be large stores or smaller ones
  • Assuring RoIs across the shelf spaces is a very intricate process
  • Predicting accurate demands to arrange for supply requires a lot of information to support the decisions
  • Managing & supervising a huge field force is another big challenge

SFA Offerings Combating The Challenges For FMCG

Field force automation software sets out to make work and workflows easier to follow and tightly coupled with each other to increase the productivity of the sales teams to deliver a satisfying experience to the FMCG consumers.

  • Efficient Supply Logistics with accurate information about stocks & demands
  • Prompting for enticing and engaging displays across stores & shelves
  • Keeping the enterprise informed about the Competitors & their strategies
  • Optimizing the use of a salesperson by increasing their efficiencies
  • Keeping the sales force well connected with the back office, supervisors & each other
  • Bringing in contemporary techniques like Mobility, Cloud & IoT for improved performances

A prudent Field force automation for FMCG speeds up critical workflows keeping them tightly coupled with each other.

Features Of Field Force Automation For FMCG

A special SFA for FMCG offers core features of a standard SFA along with some niche features to suit the FMCG industry.

  • Powered by mobility
  • Offer product profiling & entity profiling
  • Order Management from lead to delivery
  • Integrated reminders for follow-ups
  • Ability to track payment Status
  • Stock management integration
  • Daily tasks scheduling for the sales force
  • Track location of sales force & monitor their movements
  • Ensure secure communication & data privacy
  • Generate RoI based reports & intuitive dashboards
  • Integration with existing systems

SFA systems for FMCG also offer appropriate and useful answers to any questions the sales force teams could have, increasing their abilities to perform.