Features Of Sales Force Management For Manufacturing Industry

Much has been said and written about Sales Force Management and its applications for various industries. Manufacturing industry identifies the strengths of sales automation platform and the modern technology that is integrated into this specialized SFA to synchronize the workflows of Manufacturing with Sales & Marketing.
A competent Sales Force Management system in place beats competitors at their own game and also provides the employees with a whole new way of working and delivering enhanced performance.

A Sales force automation system for manufacturing industry has some niche features along with the basic SFA features expected with an aim to put information on the fingertips of all concerned.

Features of Manufacturing SFA Software

  • Lead & Opportunity Management

One of the most useful features of a competent SFA is Lead Management. With this feature, the enterprise monitors the leads as they are identified and pursued by the sales team.
The software fully automates the entire sales process, including the lead management, opportunity management and offers highly focused visibility to the company’s sales pipeline.

  • Customers Management

The Manufacturing SFA software manages the customers of the enterprise providing full visibility of the customer data to the company all across sales, marketing and service.
Intuitive contact management also helps in analyzing these details and co-relating them to generate behavioral patterns and profile building. A loyalty building exercise can be initiated as well, using these ideologies.

  • Task Management

The Task Management feature of mobile sfa provides capabilities that are generally focused on planning, executing and measuring the sales strategies and co-relating them to the demands and hence plan manufacturing schedules in the enterprise.

  • Team Management

The team management feature helps in creating customizable sales methods for a steady sales workflow, increasing the chances of enhanced productivity and improved performance efficiencies.

  • Product Database

Sales force management for manufacturing industry maintains an informative Product database to create catalogs and integrate offers, schemes and their communications to appropriate stakeholders. The sales cycle history like quotations, negotiations, closures according to territories, salesperson and other variants are maintained for each product.

A prudent analysis of these details would lead to better predictions of sales and hence planning to manufacture becomes more realistic.

  • Analytics & Forecasting

The forecasting feature of Manufacturing SFA software helps with collecting, maintaining and forecasting the sales opportunities and helps the sales team to handle the current sales scenario, with a total detail of current clients and also future clients.
Accurate Sales forecast provides guidelines to the sales and marketing team to strategize campaigns and actions as per the need of the hour.

  • Reports & Dashboards

Reports and Dashboards bring in Analytics and intelligence to SFA. The world moves to self-service options to enable the users of the system to fetch and comprehend the data in the most suitable manner.

In a Nutshell

sales force sales automation is the confirmed indispensable powerful tool for sales force personnel to carry out their day to day activities with the help of contemporary techniques.

sales automation app for manufacturing industry ideally is fully mobile and well integrated with existing systems and their databases. This software facilitates product profiling, demand analysis, stock management, and daily task management. Being an SFA it goes without saying that all sales related activities are well integrated into the workflows. Lead management, Quotations, Order Management, Follow-ups, Payments all form an important part of this SFA. RoI based reports give insight into the on-going and help the decision makers plan better actions.