High-Performance Bi-Directional Data Warehouse for Sales force

Relational Junction’s Bi-Directional Data Warehouse for Sales force allows you to easily access, discover, replicate and integrate Sales force data with adjacent enterprise systems — such as databases, ERP and CRM systems, and custom applications. This is essential to improving customer relationships, streamlining operations, driving revenue growth, and proactively managing compliance and governance.

With so much data available for businesses to compile and review, it can be difficult to keep valuable digital information organized and secured for easy retrieval. To aid in this endeavor, Relational Junction combines data warehousing, integration, replication, and compliance to cover all of your Sales force data needs. Relational Junction keeps your data fresh and simplifies reporting by creating and continuously synchronizing a local data warehouse that perfectly mirrors your Sales force application. This scalable, reliable, high performance solution supports mission critical business needs for companies of all sizes and can handle any amount of data.