How to increase the growth and sales force productivity in a retail store?

Increasing sales productivity is one of the efficient ways to increase sales in the retail industry. To boost up sales it is necessary for a sales team to work on high productivity. Unlocking sales-force productivity is the efficient way to boost up revenue in a retail industry in a span of six to nine months. Are you looking for a perfect piece of information to guide on how to increase the growth and sales force productivity for your retail store? Then you are at the right place. Let’s dive in!
Embrace a simple solution for best results:
Companies in mature markets may rely on high-end digital tools to boost sales-force productivity and to gather market intelligence. But, in a real time experiment a complex and expensive digital tool may produce disappointing results for its sales leader. Considering India, sales leaders must embrace a simple technology like Sales Force Automation (SFA) which can be deployed within four weeks, delivering amazing results like daily and monthly activity planning, lead-funnel management, and performance management. SFA tools can also track the real time performance of your sales force team. The resulting impact for companies deploying SFA is a threefold increase of sales-force productivity within six months.
Don’t just coach, engage!
Learning is an integrated daily work in salesforce platform combined with coaching, experimental and in-classroom training. Most of the companies mapped the daily activities of the sales representatives and found that reps spent most of their time in social media and on a travel to meet peoples. To avoid this incorporating a micro-learning platform would help reps’ to work even offline with gaming strategies keeping up their interest towards learning. With this technology adapted a strong sales force took up with an increase of three percentage points per week.
Creating a value for customers:
Sales teams mostly spend their time on collecting orders & payments and coordinating supplies. But, with the adaption of sales force automation tools these activities are made simple. Therefore the role of sales team has changed to create value for each customer with their demand generations. This can be achieved with a systematic division of customers based on potential value of the account, vertical market, type of product and type of sale. A deep conversation between the dealers and sales team can reveal the returns on capital employed (ROCE) that dealers are able to achieve with the brands they handle with this piece of information sales team can work on dealer margins to increase ROCE jointly.
Setting targets & stepping up productivity:
Traditionally targets in a retail industry are set-up with a comparison to previous year’s sales growth. Businesses adapting digital tools work on a different approach to increase individual sales person productivity. The goal of both management and sales team should be the same for an optimal increase in productivity.
Sterison & ultimate sales automation tool:
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