Must-Have Features for Your Sales Force Automation Solution

SFA solution or sales force automation solution has now become one of the most important aspects of the modern business world. Salesforce automation is basically a group of specific apps, tools, and automated processes that support all areas of the business sales cycle. SFA software creates a single business environment for managing all aspects of sales and contact. From contact records to product details, credit data, account information all the related operations are just at your fingertip.

Thinking of all this, here are the top 5 must-have features when considering a sales force automation solution for your enterprise:

1) Image Recognition: When it comes to sales force automation, image recognition is a very important area to focus on. Adopting AI image recognition software within your sales force automation solution helps in providing complete visibility to compliance of your brands, understanding and checking quantity, quality of merchandising material deployment, measuring the performance of your merchandising team, getting quick actionable insights on operations, and getting significant cost benefits over the manual audit.

2) Augmented Reality: Right from sales & strategy to marketing and finance, augmented reality helps companies to offer an immersive experience to their customers. Putting together a technology like AR with a sales force automation solution enhances business opportunities faster, smoother, and cheaper. From sales forecasting to streamlined communication, immersive learning experience through visual information, customer assistance, and sales strategy, several tasks that usually took hours of sales professionals, can now be done with just a few clicks.

3) Voice Recognition: Leading retail-management systems now allow their sales team to use headsets and hands-free solutions for updating contacts, sales opportunities, events, tasks, and notes. This is considered to be the safest way to deal with contacts, reply to emails, send /receive text messages, etc. instead of manually keying in the information.

4) Data-driven Retail Analytics: Salesforce automation solution that uses data analytics delivers meaningful data-driven insights to the marketing teams. Data analytics help in monitoring, and optimizing the existing business practices, and getting better data insights can enhance the overall productivity.

5) Guided Selling: A sales force automation solution should guide the sales team through each task with ease and ensure all activities in the store are complete. Through guided selling, the sales executive can guide their customers in selecting the right products. With this feature, users can quickly sort through a large number of items to find what exactly they are looking for.


Final Thoughts:

Increased competition, fragmented lead data, maintaining the customer tracking, reminders to call up, and expanding sales reps together can be a difficult situation. Instead of spending more hours with manual tasks, what you need is a solution that is simple and works smarter for you. And this is where you see the perfect need for salesforce automation software in the CRM system of your organization.

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