Product Engineering Services for Manufacturing – A Quick Insight

Product engineering services are gaining a boost in the enterprise arena, as it is not just limited to product designing, development and release of a product but also more than what meets the eye.

What is Product engineering services?

It is the process of conceiving, designing, creating, testing, and delivering a product or application. It involves the use of embedded software, hardware design and Industrial Design methodologies are used to produce an electronic product. This also includes modernizing the existing models with brand-new solutions or contemporary solutions.

How product engineering services work in manufacturing?

Product engineering services help the manufacturers to design, develop and enhance their customer-facing applications. In this blog, let us discuss how our (Sterison’s) product engineering services help manufacturing industries to stay agile, competitive, and responsive in the market. 


As far as manufacturers are concerned, there can be two situations which are: (i) they got an idea yet needs development (ii) they would like to refine or technologize their existing product/systems. In these scenarios the role of us (product engineering service provider) is stereotypical for both the cases.

Communicate/prompt product concept

Be it a manufacturing or logistics company, communication during projects can be challenging. A product engineering Services Company provides the manufacturers with a proper communication channel formulated through agile methodologies with typical time frames to meet the deadlines.

Track/revamp product

Through continuous monitoring and analysis during every phase of development, we always lend a helping hand to improve the performance of the product. Once the product is ready, ensuing changes may be made to ensure the product developed is successful and value-driven. 

Sustain/assure product performance

By focusing on relevant metrics like scalability, performance, technology alignment, and continuous improvement, we ensure that the product is working without any challenges in the long run to make it practical.

Product engineering technologies for manufacturing

Generally, we offer a wide array of services to improve manufacturing operations. Let us check on some key technologies that are used by us.

Internet of things (IoT)

IoT being the backbone of digital transformation in manufacturing companies, the state-of-the-art technology has an incredible reception among manufacturers. By connecting IoT devices to machines real-time data can be captured to track performance & assets and even to predict the future performance of machines to cut down cost within a production floor. 


Advanced systems such as predictive maintenance have influenced 98% of manufacturers to reduce cost, improve machine performance and to process the real-time data garnered using IoT devices through the cloud. Cloud technology plays an important role improving the manufacturing production by storing and processing data and by pushing the notifications to staff to make the process seamless

Mobile app

Mobile applications still rule all industries and in fact most manufacturers empower their staff with mobile applications to access data from anywhere, anytime. Mobile applications are widely used in manufacturing to access machine data, to perform and report day-to-day activities.

Sterisons’s product engineering services

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