Sales Force Automation For Whole Sale Distributors

A wholesaler, neither a manufacturer nor a retailer acts as a connect between these two ends of the supply chain. Going with the call of the times, sales force automation practices touch the requirements of the wholesalers, enabling them to make the most of this software solution which touches a multitude of industries and domains like FMCG, logistics, manufacturing, healthcare, pharmaceuticals and more.

Challenges For Wholesalers In Order Taking

A wholesaler working with the traditional methods faces a lot of problems specific to the demands of the profession. Besides constantly entering orders taken on the field, especially while visiting Retailers, a sales representative needs to continuously keep the product catalogs, the offers and schemes up to date and also be able to take spot decisions when with the retailer as well as the manufacturer.

It is also very critical that the field force has a real-time picture of the stocks and inventory of all the products to avoid overbooking. A ready client history becomes mandatory for the sales force to minimize the risks taken while offering special schemes and in settling the payment terms.

Field Force And Sales Management Software For Wholesalers To The Rescue

A mobile SFA offers flexible and practical solutions for wholesalers to conduct their businesses in a better and efficient manner. The specialized SFA enables the wholesaler to manage inquiries & leads, engage customers fruitfully, process and fulfill orders from devices and locations of choice.

A mobile Sales Force Automation for Whole Sale Distributors offers effective insights into the inventory, offering a real-time picture. Product catalogs can be clubbed with interactive order taking systems. The order taking itself can become more proactive and can keep the re-order levels on track as well.

A manager at the wholesaler’s back office can get a comprehensive view into the visits made by the field force to the retailers, product performance, customer feedback and also the situations at the procurement points.

Location-based services value add to a modern-day SFA. This helps right from route planning for scheduled visits to keep a track of the sales force personnel. A representative can give an insight into the shelf of the POS and combine it with stocktaking procedures and display strategies as well. An integration with QR codes or bar codes into this Sales Force Automation for Whole Sale Distributors makes the complete cycle much simpler.

With sales force automation software being offered by many reputable companies in the SaaS model over the Cloud with an app-based approach, the SFA solutions are becoming increasingly practical and within reach of most.

Benefits Of Sales Force Automation For Whole Sale Distributors

  • Enables Realistic Judgements

As the SFA puts information on the fingertips of the sales team, they are able to make prudent judgments and take on-site decisions regarding prices to be offered, offers and schemes.

Armed with the knowledge about the customer the sales personnel representing the wholesaler make the appropriate order books while forecasting further repeated cycles as well.

The entire sales pipeline visibility increases for the personnel, putting them in an advantageous position.

  • Provides Practical Methods of Managing Orders

A Field Force and Sales Management software for Wholesalers come across as the most practical, quick and relevant system to implement today. Managing orders in a streamlined manner brought with an array of mobile devices and niche infrastructure powered by insightful reports and dashboards makes SFA an indispensable tool to be used by wholesalers.

The methods improve the productivity of the sales personnel, increasing their efficiency giving them more time to keep focused on important tasks.

Customer satisfaction gets an impetus and the loyalty base increases and consolidates.

  • Keeps The Customer Engaged By Sharing Customer History

A competent pharma SFA solution erases the thin lines with a force management CRM system and keeps a perfect record of the customer preferences, credit history, sales history and more to keep up fruitful engagement with the client. Customer intelligence goes a long way in benefiting the wholesaler who strategizes appropriately for the patron.

In a Nutshell – The Ideal Features Of Sales Force Automation For Whole Sale Distributors

The much-acclaimed benefits of an SFA for wholesalers are realized upon ensuring that the pre-requisite features are fulfilled in the system.

  • Order taking on multiple channels
  • Strengthened relationships with partners like supplier & vendors
  • Inventory controls and insights for warehouse management
  • Minimized shipping costs & on time deliveries
  • Integrated marketing with campaign management & automation
  • Sentiment analysis and market segmentation for purposeful strategies
  • Highly visible pipeline to capitalize on opportunities
  • Detailed knowledge of the customer empowering the sales force