Sales Force Automation Software, Complete And Extensive

Working smarter and not harder, solutions like AI, Big Data, Analytics, Mobile Technologies, Cloud-based services, IoT – everything to complement each other. Sales automation system; an established concept transforms itself to adapt to the changing needs of the present day and keep going in the direction of getting an edge over competitors. With the anytime anywhere approach, SFA keeps up the close coordination with the interrelated departments, all automated with the Sales force ensuring improved efficiency and outputs.

The SFA Transformation

The traditional approaches for the sales force management remained focused more on the sales force productivity put to use to streamline the documents and emails for communication required for the field-based activities. It was indeed a one-way communication most of the times and really far from the real-time mode.

The ideology changes today and is built around building and nurturing customer relationships. So much so that the very thin lines between automation app SFA tools and CRM get erased and the two merge into comprehensive ERP solutions driving enhanced customer satisfaction and unparalleled experiences for users across the landscape; employees, partners and customers. With the integration of mobile technologies and Cloud services it goes without saying that the communications are instant and the experience is real-time, indeed keeping relevant information on the tips of the workforce 24 * 7. The transformation from a simple SFA to mobile sales process  automation is complete.

SFA Processes

The Sales force automation software processes remain driven by the need to have a very productive and super-efficient workforce making the most of the modern day tools and devices integrated with robust automated sales systems from the beginning of the day to the day end.

Sales Personnel Related Processes Catered To By SFA

  • Day Start
    • Review & plan the day
    • New products, schemes and offers study
    • Route Planning & Schedules
  • Visit Strategy
    • Client-specific objectives
    • History & previous records study
    • Plan specific actions and analyze special offers
    • Route planning
  • On-Site Decisions
    • Pricing
    • Promotions & Schemes
    • Spot deals
    • Merchandising
    • Orders
  • Point of Sales
    • Orders suggestions
    • Shelf study
    • Order taking
    • Surveys
    • Feedback & evaluations
  • Day End
    • Reviews
    • Plan further actions
    • EOD reports
  • The Backbone Processes Of SFA
    • Data synchronization
    • Coordination of on-premise on –Cloud resources
    • Networking & communication for the field force
    • Interfacing devices of choice & facilitating BYOD

SFA Functions

A comprehensive mobile sales force automation tools powered by modern tools and solutions caters to the requirements of the system by offering competent features to aid various departments like Marketing, Sales management, and Production; besides offering deeper insights into the KPIs of the business to the key personnel and finally facilitating smarter and modern ways of working for all. Various value added services make SFA systems more powerful and on their way to becoming indispensable and it certainly proves a bad idea for enterprises to remain away from SFA.

  • Features
    • Forecast sales & make relevant analysis
    • Sales activities management
    • Leads Management
    • Market segmentation & profiling
    • Campaigns & events management
    • KPI measurements
    • Real-time insights
  • Value Added Services
    • Vehicle & Asset Tracking Systems
    • Mobile Device Management
    • Service & Maintenance