Sterison Sales Force Management Solution

Traditional sales force automation platforms help enterprises keep a watch on their sales forces. However, it must achieve beyond just tracking the field sales and should also empower them to make tactical business decisions on the go. An effective Sales Force Automation solution empowers the sales team to measure the right metrics that provide in-depth analysis to build accurate strategic decisions.

Sterison sales force automation is one central canvas to catalyze empowerment of field sales teams and power smarter sales decisions with the aim of spurring growth both in the short and long terms. It is not just any sales force automation software, it is effective/intelligent Sales Force Management.

Some of the key USP’s that separates Sterison sales force
  • Digital Ordering: Allow sales to place orders using a smartphone rather than manual order books. Arm your sales assets with real time data on stock and delivery times allowing them to make better sales pitches. Obtain greater flexibility with outlet and SKU wise ordering while also providing accurate stock information of each SKU in real time.
  • Authenticate Sales Rep visits: Authenticate outlet visits by individual sales reps. Get sequential ordering of authenticated outlets alongside the ones missed by sales reps despites being assigned for coverage.
  • Real time Field & Sales Coverage Insights: Get a holistic view of your sales force in action & sales coverage in a particular area of operation with real time data from the field. Review itineraries adopted by sales reps with listing of outlets along with time spent at each sales force management solution call.
  • Sales Performance Reporting: Automatically generate periodic reports measuring the performance of your sales team allowing you to recalibrate your sales team deployment strategy to derive the best results.
  • Manage Contacts: Get insights about your customer outlets at your fingertips. Keep track of each outlet and associated sales histories and know when to upsell.
  • Product Management: Manage product lists and capture existing stock alongside pricing of each SKU. Easily add, delete or modify product properties. Updates get instantly reflected in the digital catalogue and it can be accessed by field sales reps.
  • Intelligent Heat Maps: Gain deeper insights into extremely complex and large volumes of data with ease with intelligent heat maps that represents complicated information in colorful images allowing you to effortlessly point to the insight you require.
  • Measure Productivity: Powerful productivity indices like beat efficiency, adherence to plans, times spent at points of sale and analytics helps sales reps self-assess themselves and improve performance over a period of time.
  • Predictive Analytics: Advanced predictive analytics helps sales reps suggest orders based on ordering history of the point of sale. This allows time saving while also providing ordering a seamless experience for both the sides.
  • Targets and Achievements: Set periodic targets and compare them against achievements to measure efficiency and productivity on a daily, monthly or weekly basis.
  • Instant Notifications: Get instantly notified about sales team management app activities, reports and targets and receive instant communication in case of breach.
  • Instant Custom Surveys: Instantly created and customized by your sales reps. New points of sales force management tools can be easily added to the directory during surveys and the data collected can be used in decision making.
  • Pre-defined & Custom Reports: Get standardized reports based on predefined metrics and KPIs designed to match your industry of operation. Generate intelligent custom reports from the dashboard. Also, reports can be generated automatically and delivered to your mail on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.