Top Applications of AI Image Recognition Software

Image recognition technology is revolutionizing the way how organizations market their products offline and online, manage customer interactions or their store inventory. From Google to Snapchat, Amazon, Shutterstock, Boohoo, Sephora, eBay, Pinterest are some of the many current adopters of image recognition technologies.

From the business perspective, major applications of this technology is face recognition, visual geolocation, security, and surveillance, object recognition, code recognition, gesture recognition, industrial automation, image analysis in healthcare & automobile creating growth opportunities in many sectors.

According to stats, the global image recognition market size is expected to project to USD 58930 million by 2026. Let’s take a look at the major application of AI image recognition software in various business sectors:

1) Healthcare:

Image recognition software is of great use in the field of healthcare. It is mainly used in the processing and analysis of medical images which is in turn used by doctors to diagnose certain disease conditions more easily and accurately.

2) Automotive:

In the automobile industry, self-driving cars are becoming an emerging trend that is developed using technology image recognition. Using advanced technology, self-driving cars will be able to identify or detect hazards and hence make informed decisions to make the right decision to avoid any sort of casualty.

3) Security:

AI image recognition integrated with deep learning algorithms enhances security by accurate recognition of fraud detection, and anti-spoofing capabilities.

4) Airport boarding:

In airports, image recognition software is now used in immigration check-in facilities as smart gates, which is a combination of passengers’ facial identification & liveliness checks.

5) Gaming:

Image recognition technology has completely changed the dimension of the gaming industry. Incorporating this technology into games allows gamers to use their real location as a battlefield for many virtual adventure games.

6) E-commerce and Retail:

Many of the top retail brands are now working with image recognition and biometrics to create the feature to quickly and accurately identify products and send personalized content for each of their shoppers. From better product recommendations to faster searches, virtual stylists, and tap-to-buy – possibilities this technology has immense to offer to the retail industry.

7) Social media platforms:

The image recognition software now enables easy image search for the social media sites to compare with the extensive libraries in order to uncover the right images and hence, offering great benefits to organizations in regard to customer service.


In the future, AI image recognition software will be used on a large scale across diverse industries, changing the way in which we search and analyze visual information. Image recognition works in perfect alignment with accuracy, safety, and privacy taking a leap for data search and classification.

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