Top Mobile App Development Trends Of 2021

In 2021, the growth of mobile app development is at a speedy pace and has taken a major part in our lives. Today there will be no day a human spent without scrolling through a mobile application. From social media to online shopping or payment gateways, communication, almost everything is made easier with an application. On the other hand, every day the app development industry is contributing new technological advancement and features which leads to massive outgrowth of mobile application development. Especially post-pandemic, almost all type of industries has launched their enterprise application to stay connected with their audience. Recent research speculates that Mobile App Market Revenue will Reach $693 Billion in 2021-Yes, damn that’s a massive number. Therefore any business should consider developing a mobile application for their enterprise and run along with the world. Here in this article we Sterison – a top mobile app development agency UAE curated the top mob app development trends of 2021 let’s have a look at the emerging trends.

Let’s dive in!



Today, internet is everything, so are the Internet of Things. From smart home security systems to wearable health monitors, wireless inventory trackers and digital appliances IoT has transformed every walks of human life. Even today the demand for IoT technology and its appliances is booming at its peak. Biggies like Google and Amazon also leveraged the application of IoT by Introducing Virtual voice assistant Siri, Echo and Alexa, and Google Home. In the future, it is expected the IoT technology will land its footsteps in the field of healthcare, Banking, agriculture and will create a notable transformation in the form of Smart Cities, Smart homes, AI-powered IoT Devices, and many more.



AI and MI are two both latest technology that has been ruling the mobile application these days. From Instagram and Snapchat filters to AI-powered photo filtering apps, Voice search, face unlocking, and chatbots all the latest advancement that is rocking the world are unbelievable with the help of these two new major technologies. This will remain in this way throughout the decade and no doubt that the combination of AI and ML will take the mobile app development industry to the next level by bringing smart and efficient breakthroughs in the future such as Image recognition, Object Identification, Detection, Tracking, Content Distribution on Social Media, geophysical detection, and many more.



With the rise of mobile devices and their usage, enterprise mobile application development is in huge demand. Many businesses and enterprises have already built an app to keep their employees connected for better employee satisfaction and productivity. Especially post-pandemic, this trend has evolved even more and enterprise owners have realized the requirement of an enterprise’s mobile application and have started to invest in them. However, by building an enterprise mobile application, businesses can have an eye on their business operations as well as have better internal connectivity within the organization.



There are already a plethora of smartphone applications available on Google Play, Apple App Store, Windows Store, and Amazon App Store. With all of these mobile app development trends, the mobile app market will continue to grow rapidly.

Thus, to stand out in the increasingly competitive mobile app development market, business leaders must keep up to date on the latest developments and technologies. The evolution of mobile apps will be driven by evolving mobile app development technologies, rising backend architectures, and microservices, as well as new hardware capabilities. Also, when you develop an app for any purpose, make sure that your mobile app is secure and safe. It is necessary!

It doesn’t matter which trend you go with or which platform you choose to develop your application on (iOS Mobile App or Android Mobile App). All the Mobile app trends mentioned above will give a boom to your application. Just make sure that whatever you create is best, unique, and giving a solution to any problem.