Top sales enablement trends to look out for in 2022

The Covid-19 pandemic has moved all sales activities including events, retail sales, conferences, etc., to online modes of communication and automation with a focus to enhance customer experience across channels. The sales enablement landscape in 2022 will be on the evolution of customer behavior and business ideologies. Rapid digital acceleration and the rise of the hybrid work model has pushed the sales enablement even more crucial to bolster salesforce effectiveness and capability. It is expected that in 2022 more enterprises are likely to invest in sales enablement tools that focus on workforce up-skilling, sales practices, cross-functional alignment, and better application of sales competencies. Let us look out on some top sales enablement trends to boost sales in terms of ROI in 2022.

Smart and virtual selling

The key to drive sales in 2022 is to use interactive presentations, demonstration videos along with visualization tools like ROI calculators. Interactive smart and virtual selling tools can enhance the customer experience by 25% leading to higher levels of buyer engagement and sales.

Establishing sales enablement software

The rise of AI and machine learning has helped in sales enablement functions with the use of predictive analytics tools. This shortens customer conversion cycle and streamlines the company’s messaging strategy. The sales enablement tools are structured along with existing sales toolkits like ERPs, CRMs and more. But these tools are becoming popular due to their ability to analyze large datasets, including marketing, customer, sales data and much more.

Focus on content marketing strategy

Nowadays, enterprises are feeding their prospective buyers with need-to-know information through educational blogs, videos and reviews to help buyers finalize their purchase and simplify the conversion path. Moreover, content marketing is also becoming far more embedded to work on broader customer experience (CX) strategy. Businesses in today’s world leverage content to build a loyal community with their customers for their products and services and tie it over to a revenue-generating centre to help build new leads for them.

Powerful database for customer acquisition tool

An intelligent database will continue to be a key differentiator for businesses to power their customer outreach programs and drive conversions. Investing in a B2B database provider in 2022 will define and acquire ideal customer profiles; Leverage intelligent data to reach the target audience and analyze databases with similar profiles to improve conversion rate. Enterprises should ensure the use of predictive analytics to leverage buyer intent data with market signals to predict the purchase probability and deliver a seamless customer experience.

Leveraging on sales automation

To automate repetitive, manual, and time-consuming tasks and to streamline the sales process, enterprises should enable sales automation. Sales automation helps businesses to improve their productivity and efficacy of sales teams and so it has become non-negotiable in 2022.

Value-based selling

Value-based selling is to communicate the features and value of your product or services which are beneficial to a buyer. Know the positive impact the product can make on buyers’ day-to-day tasks, engage the buyers with presentations and showcase your product’s value with content and guides.


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