Turn Your Ordinary Factory Into Smart Factory With IIoT?

Smart manufacturing is no longer a dream, with the evolution of technologies it allow factories to equip the power of data to optimize the overall production. Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) which is the heart of smart manufacturing has become the biggest enablers of Industry 4.0. The potential of IIoT to support the customer-oriented activities has expanded into industrial sector, creating factory and warehouse operations. Manufacturers across the world are digitizing their operations by integrating IT and operational systems. IIoT connecting the sensors to hardware and integrated software provides a complete visibility to control the equipment and processes. With the deployment of Artificial Intelligence to unearth the value of big data, industries are becoming smarter which open ups new revenue streams and improves customer satisfaction

Why do you need a smart factory?

Traditional manufacturing was made in a linear process from factory to a greater supply chain which indeed was straight-forward. Considering the modern industry, with growing demands from the customers and as the factory sources numerous suppliers around the world, the manufacturers need more control over their manufacturing process. In the global digital marketplace the customer feedbacks reaches social media even before they reach the company’s customer service. So, it becomes crucial for the factories to produce quality products.  IIoT stands as perfect tool to deliver faster, agile and efficient products through manufacturing. Embracing Industrial Internet of Things makes your company smarter enabling you to produce high quality products improves internal production processes, enhances customer experiences.

A smarter operation:

Smart factories enable the companies with real-time data streaming and this helps in on-spot changes in source materials, functionalities of machines and customer service. With IIoT integration in smart factory, if a defect is found, the machine can self-correct and fix the defect before the occurrence of any additional defects. With Artificial Intelligence, machines can be allotted with jobs which human used to manage and thus producing better products with limited loss. Sensors in the smart factory give the manufacturer the ability to look out the wear and tear in the machineries. The wear and tear found can be replaced with unique models for each process and track time for replacement can be created by Machine Learning. By this way of smarter operation from monitoring to replacement increases the overall agility of the industry rather than a downtime.

Happy customers:

Making your customers happy is the core of digital transformation. A better consistent quality product makes customers satisfied. When customers find your product and brand is of high quality they come back to you and that is the power of IIoT can deliver to a smart factory.

Even by analyzing the data captured by smart sensors while the products are being used in customers home, manufacturers can make a study of when a product may fail and reframe the manufacturing experience accordingly. Yes! So much of things can be done by adapting Industrial Internet of Things to your connect your factory smarter. Strong data visualization can help to create a strong smarter factory by processing the data created by the digital platforms

Wrapping Up:

Doess your factory is ready to become smarter? Sterison with decades of industry experience in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and so on helps to make your factory smarter with digitalized platform. Contact us today!