IoT Automation Solutions For Smart Factory

In the manufacturing sector, constant upgrading is the key to survival and success. With the emergence of new technologies, many companies are checking out the ways to take advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT) to build smart factories that allow higher productivity and output. To keep companies ahead of competitors, companies have turned to the Internet of Things as this new connected technology makes their factory operations smarter for quick delivery and excellent quality.


Smart Factory Solutions With Sterison

With Sterison, you can take off your digital transformation and make the transition to a smart factory with your existing equipment. Combined with IoT devices, Sterison’s Software Platform can automate processes, analyze data and improve overall operations to make your factory more productive and competitive in the marketplace. Sterison helps you to implement IoT technology in your existing factory operations in the following areas:


Horizontal And Vertical Integration

A smart factory featuring sterison Technologies enables vertical integration across your enterprise and horizontal integration among machines. Sterison allows you to connect machines, systems and resources, as well as share data from the sensor to enterprise resource planning (ERP). The result is a smart factory that streamlines communication across machines and facilities.


Inventory Level Monitoring

In maintenance, repair and operations sections, IoT-connected devices monitor the tank fluid levels, the condition of wear parts, stock levels and production rates, which enables the inventory managers to gain access to real-time data and manages the stock levels effectively. Also, continuous monitoring enables quick and effort-efficient management of raw materials and finished goods. This greatly helps to maintain product quality and time-to-market.


Advanced Analysis

The integration of IoT-connected devices with relevant software enables powerful analytics to predict failures and optimize maintenance. Sensor monitor networks and integral devices, measure the performance of machines in real-time and constantly monitor the data using integrated software. This advanced analysis dramatically increases equipment efficiency, performance and reduces downtime, as deviations do not go unnoticed.



Abnormality Reporting

Human intervention is no longer required to identify possible abnormalities in the performance and condition of equipment. IoT devices have the ability to sense the temperature, vibration and noise levels of your machinery and if there is any variation from the standard values alert the responsible personnel about the malfunction of equipment, leaving employees to only take remediation steps.


Virtual Equipment Management

Automated IoT devices allow employees to fix many performance issues through virtual networks, without the need for physical presence, thus streamlining the management and monitoring of equipment. Virtual equipment monitoring also allows employees to be aware of device location and its performance.


Get Ready to Connect Your Business

Smart Factory has enormous potential and it should not be overlooked. Business leaders should realize this power of IoT and trust in the success of digital transformation. If you are looking to transform your classic factory into a smart factory with the help of IoT, Sterison Technologies can be your reliable partner. Our service offering includes a complete range of cloud IoT platforms, process re-engineering and application development.

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